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TruTrust. Setting quality control standards to ensure that what we do, is done to the best of our ability ensuring Trust, Transparency and Honesty.

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TruTrust is a multi phase quality control measure starting with research and development, moving into manufacturing, and finally ending with preliminary presence tests.


It is to ensure that only premium quality vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients are used in our products. With the implementation of preliminary presence tests, we once again ensure that products are made to the highest standard of qualitative measure.

Finished products are triple checked to make sure that products are packed, sealed and labeled correctly so that what we say is in there, is in there. 

A multi phase quality control process to ensure

Trust, Transparency, and Honesty!

Our quality control process all starts with our research and development team who search to find the best ingredients and raw materials used in order to produce the best possible products.

Once the best ingredients and raw materials have been purchased, our team then start formulating to give you the best product formulas that are effective and not underdosed.

Once formulas have been signed off, production gets underway to produce samples for testing.  Samples have to past our preliminary presence test before any labels are finalised.

When samples pass preliminary presence test labels are designed in accordance with proper procedure and sent in for printing while mass production of our unique formulations take place. 

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